Tuesday 26 June 2012

Brand new blog

I've been toying for some time with the idea of setting up a blog dedicated to my creative endeavours, particularly since I don't want to clog up my main writing blog with photos of knitting, or examples of photography. So here we go with a brand new blog, about all things design and craft-related.

Might as well kick things off with some examples of my creative photography, all of which were taken last weekend on a trip to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire.

Giant's Table

This is a photo of a rock that had fallen over. I thought it looked a little like a giant's table, and I've edited it using the 'dark processed' lomo effect that Chris Spooner featured over on his blog. Naturally my end product has come out slightly differently as I used a different source image, but it just goes to show how you can adapt tutorials to suit your own needs.

The Cave

This is a cave going into the rock face - I was trying to capture how the water level starts higher than where I was standing but you can only do so much with a phone camera! I was trying out the Match Color option within Photoshop which allows you to add a 'vintage' feel to your image's colours, although I think it would have worked better on a different source image.

The Cave

This is a standard shot of the beach and the sky beyond, although I enhanced it using the split processing method. It's incredibly easy and really helps to add a sense of atmosphere to a shot.

So there we go! My first post, and some of my photography. Hopefully you'll find the tutorials I've linked to as useful as I have!


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