Monday 22 April 2013

Drawing Cartoon Characters

I recently treated myself to a Wacom Bamboo Tablet with this weird notion that I'd be able to turn my hand to digital painting. Sadly my artistic style doesn't seem to lend itself well to what I want to be able to do, so I ended up just doodling my usual type of character, and I thought I'd go through my process to show how I got from start to finish.

I flood filled the background with pale grey, and on a new layer, sketched this out loosely with a small, hard-edged round brush using black.

Now I created a new layer between the background and the black lines, and used a larger brush to colour the character in mid blue.

With that done, I created a new layer between the blue layer and the lines, and painted in shadows with a darker shade of blue and a soft-edged brush on a low opacity.

I repeated the last step, albeit this time using a lighter shade of blue to give highlights. Et voila!

What about you? Have you ever used a graphics tablet, and if so, did you find it difficult to get used to?


  1. What a cute little guy!

    I've never really used a graphics tablet much, but it's something I could get into once my other projects have been completed. The times I have tried it I found it unusual rather than difficult. I'm so used to using a mouse that the stylus action felt strange.

    1. I find it weird because instead of watching the work appear from the pencil/pen on the page, I'm looking at a screen while my hand does something else! Very odd.